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    As a collaborative practice, Owen McLaughlin and Jodie Williamson share an interest in ‘dwelling in the aura’ of technological, historical and obsolete sites. Inviting them to reveal more than their surface value; we aim to unfold the history of place, people and technologies contained within these otherwise forgotten locations. What can these sites tell us about their surrounding environments and the conditions that they’ve been exposed to? What can be learned through looking at these spaces and objects differently? And how can that positively affect our present and future way of engaging with the places we inhabit?

While current technology drives a sense of accelerated time and urgency – does this affect our attention and our ability to process history? If our pace of life has been altered in such a significant way – what can be done to preserve the connections our current world has to our collective past?

Creating work which invites the audience to take time to consider all that surrounds their everyday environments, we seek to reframe what we consider as technology and hope to uncover the constellation of connections they hold to wider societal, political and historical conditions. Through film-making, photography and other media, we aim to promote a more playful and engaging method of discovery. Our goal here is to advocate a more tolerant and rational approach to understanding the spaces we inhabit and the people that we share them with.

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Thank you for your interest. For any inquiries please contact McLaughlin + Williamson via the email address below.

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